The Path to Humane Education 

I planned to do this at some point in my life…not at the moment exactly. There’s never a right time to start a big personal project. You just get that need.

I’ve worked with dogs for the past 10 years now. I always knew my life would be animals. Just wasn’t quite sure how that was going to work out. Friends and family have always said I should be a vet. But you know what guys? I’m extremely lacking in the science department. So I figured I’d go with my strengths and passions.

That led to dog daycare. Working with many dogs, in group settings. Behavior, behavior, behavior! And I love it. I have always been fascinated in animal behavior. This was the ultimate learning experience for dog behavior. It led to years of hands on experience as well as a drive to teach myself everything I can. I pride myself on knowing as much as I can, teaching others and learning new things whenever possible.

This has trickled into my every day life, not just for work. I have started volunteering with a non-profit dedicated to helping a local shelter. And just as exciting…I actually get a handful of questions a year (outside of work) from different friends and acquaintances about dogs! It’s a compliment that means a lot to me. I’m that crazy dog lady that people know. But hey, a knowledgeable, crazy dog lady. And people see that! Hard work and dedication pays off. Boom!

This year has been a big wake up call to me. Seeing my strengths, weaknesses and realizing my goals. Getting a plan together. Working towards something more.

My life is dogs. My life is learning and striving. My life is helping.

My life will be continued education. My life will be educating others. My life will be to better as many animal lives that I possibly can. My life will be hard work. My life will be fulfilling.


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